Research & Develop Investment

Qianye invests 3% of its annual sales revenue in mill research and development, continuously increases investment in pre-research, standard mill, patents, etc., and in-depth study of future technology development trends and customer needs for strip cold rolling and processing line. With the company's internal technical experts as the core of research and development, supplemented by several R&D elites, through multi-links work such as demand analysis, research project establishment, research design, simulation verification etc. to achieve research work is controllability and seriousness.

Qianye has established a complete R&D management system structure. By reasonable and efficient R&D process, Wuhan Qianye supports the R&D team to work efficiently through appropriate R&D information platform. The enthusiasm of R&D team is mobilized by the performance management, The R&D risk is controlled by risk management, and the R&D is completed within the cost budget by the cost management and R&D projects are guaranteed a smooth progress by project management.

Qianye firmly believes that innovation based on customer needs, technology research and product development based on customers succeed, will bring positive changes and growth to customers, and activate the unlimited potential of customers.

Core Technologies

18Hi Cold Rolling Mill 

1. 18Hi multi-stand continuous rolling technology
2. 18Hi silicon steel continuous cold rolling technology (high silicon)
3. Ultra-width 18Hi rolling mill technology
4. High speed 18Hi single cold rolling mill 

20Hi Cold Rolling Mill

1. All models (integral, split, push-push, push-pull, single, double, triple ASU, etc.) design of 20Hi cold rolling mill 

2. Full width (650-1780mm) design of 20Hi

3. Remote and driverless technology of 20Hi

Integration Line

1. Integrated technology of HRAP/DRAP

2. Stainless steel black skin and white skin collinear technology

Single System

1. High-efficiency and energy-saving servo hydraulic system

2. Efficient high-speed online degreasing system

3. On-line roller cleaning system for skin pass mill

Control and Integration Technology

1. Multi-line remote centralized control technology

2. Independent ASC and ACG control technology for 20Hi and 18Hi cold rolling mill

3. Fully automatic driving technology for single reversing rolling mill

4. Independently developed L2 level model calculation and process forecasting

5. Integrated production, equipment, technical quality management and evaluation system

Technology & Innovation

Comprehensive model configuration and design capabilities

Qianye Engineering can supply all kinds of 20Hi rolling mill models ranging from integral and split (inside and outside archway type, roll box type), and also can provide single, double, and triple ASU shape control solutions, and the middle roll shifting can be push-push or push-pull two types, and the push-push type is the first in China to realize the independent opening and closing function of the large and small doors, which is convenient for the replacement of work rolls.

Electronic Control Part: Qianye Engineering can provide mature 20-high rolling mill AGC and flatness full closed-loop control solutions, and can realize remote centralized control, thickness control and flatness precision can reach the world's advanced level. At the same time, based on the rich on-site debugging experience of our own team, we have independently developed a large number of unique programs and software strategies such as One-button operation preparation, one-button rolling line/eccentric preparation, fast pass switching preset, pre-broken belt forecast, broken belt anti-scattering, broken belt controlled quick stop etc. It is very convenient for operators to get started and use it daily, and at the same time, it improves the equipment’s’ usage security.

L2 System: L2 level can be based on different platforms, customized reports, data analysis charts and other services according to customer needs, to facilitate users' later use and daily production, quality, and equipment management. At the same time, it provides a communication interface above L3 level.


3. Mill Status Monitoring and Alarm System: The unit is equipped with comprehensive equipment status monitoring software such as IBA, FDAA, etc. At the same time, it provides various point-to-point fault alarms, automatic step operation monitoring, display of the running times, duration, temperature, pressure, vibration, etc. of each electromechanical hydraulic equipment.


4. Hydraulic System: Qianye Engineering has independently developed a servo hydraulic energy-saving system, which can save energy by about 40% compared with the traditional frequency conversion public auxiliary system, and minimize the production and use costs of users. And cooperated with UPM, MOOG and other companies to develop special customized control drivers and special control valves for dry metallurgical servo system, the performance level is significantly higher than the conventional products in the market.


5. Mechanical Design: Qianye Engineering 20-high rolling mill can provide

Integrated coil unwinding and assisting design scheme, effectively shortening the distance of unwinding section and improving tail-flicking stability.

Independently developed a new type of two-roll + four-roll flexible degreasing roll technology, the degreasing level of the overall rolling mill is better than that of similar imported rolling mills, and relevant transformations have been carried out on several imported rolling mills in China.

The thickness gauge, roller shear, four-roller, and two-roller degreasing mechanism on the process platform are all designed to exit the line, which is convenient for users to use and maintain and replace the inlet pressure plate.

It is equipped with a wealth of auxiliary tools, such as: multi-purpose support roller, secondary intermediate, and oil injection plate replacement tools.

Process and Technical Support

Qianye Engineering has its own specialized departments and teams for quality assurance supervision, installation and maintenance, and technical support services etc, and has the most abundant experience in installation, commissioning, and process technical support of 20Hi cold rolling mill in China.

Process Support: Provide all-round technical support from product design, production process design, auxiliary process (roll grinding, lubrication, roll shape), quality optimization (surface, plate shape, vertical and horizontal thickness).

Operational Training: Rich strategic cooperation customer groups can provide new users with on-site training opportunities for various models, improve the use level of customer equipment, and reduce user training and on-site test costs.

On-Site Support: Nearly 100 sets of equipment commissioning experience can provide users with all-round on-site guidance from civil construction, equipment installation, cooling and heating loads, etc., effectively ensuring the smooth implementation of the entire process from design to project production. All the new 20Hi rolling mill of Qianye Engineering have achieved the successful production of finished products in the first coil, and have mass production capacity in the same month.

Return visit and Response: All customers provide long-term continuous technical service and support, and respond 7X24 hours. Implement annual return visits to all customers, and optimize and improve in a timely manner for the problems that arise during the use of users. While continuously optimizing the user experience, we will continue to develop and improve our own design level.

Mill Revamping

Revamping 6Hi Rolling Mill to 18Hi Rolling Mill (Case Study)

Before revamping of 6Hi

Working roll diameter is 200~240mm, due to large diameter, the rolling reduction of stainless steel is small, with many passes and low efficiency, furthermore, steel strip width of 1250mm can only be rolled into 0.6mm.

After revamping to 18Hi 

The 18Hi working roll is narrow to 120-140mm, and the steel strip width of 1250mm can be rolled into 0.25mm, also the singe pass pressing volume is large, and the rolling efficiency is high.